R&D Project of Research Platforms

Establishment of research platform for the discovery and utilization of sustainable resources.

Under the research platform project, we are combining organically the Metabolomics Analysis Platform, in which we research the metabolic products of organisms in an integrated manner; and the Chemical Bank, a collection of natural compounds from microorganisms. Putting these together, we will build an “integrated metabolomics platform.”

As a result, we expect the functions of metabolic products obtained from metabolome analysis to quickly become apparent, and to increase the diversity of the Chemical Bank.

We evaluate the activity of physiologically active substances and develop a platform that can search for substances with useful functions such as enhanced photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation, suppression of denitrification, and metal recovery.

In addition, we aim to develop an artificial biosynthesis system platform using plants and microorganisms. When we find useful genes and bioactive substances, we can quickly verify their functionality by performing actual material production using the artificial biosynthesis system.

With the state-of-the-art infrastructure that we have developed, we provide compounds to research institutes and industry, both domestic and overseas.

We support research with a new research platform that incorporates biosynthesis and screening of chemicals.

Hiroyuki Osada

Project Leader

Hiroyuki Osada


Recently, we have discovered an important lipid that supports plant growth in phosphorus-depleted soil. We are hoping, through this, to make it possible to grow plants with little fertilizer. Metabolic products of organisms, especially plants and microbes, are particularly diverse, and revealing their functions has been one of the big challenges.

This type of research for the discovery and production of useful substances is becoming increasingly important. We hope to quickly accumulate knowledge on the functions and production mechanisms of metabolites, and this will be made possible by the development of an integrated metabolomics platform.

In addition to the research that has been done so far, we have been advancing our understanding of the metabolic network. That's why we need a biosynthesis platform for plants and microorganisms.

Controlling the metabolic network from metabolic products screening and increasing the amount of biosynthesis of a particular metabolic product – such things will become easy to study. In this project, we provide research infrastructure to search for compounds and improve functions and production via a metabolomics platform that integrates chemical biology.