Recycling and reusing biological and chemical resources without placing a load on the environment

Plants and microbes incorporate a wide range of biological functions. Many natural compounds are biosynthesized by organisms in nature, and humans can produce other useful materials using chemical synthesis. At the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science we aim to elucidate the diversity of these biological functions and chemical diversity with the goal of promoting energy conservation by creating new sustainable resources based on the use of biological functions and chemical resources such as carbon, nitrogen and metallic elements, without placing a load on the environment.

Interdisciplinary R&D Projects

R&D Project of Carbon Utilization
Creation of useful materials from carbon and oxygen in the atmosphere.
R&D Project of Nitrogen Utilization
Synthesis of ammonia as an energy-saving method and increased crop production with low fertilizer and other resources.
R&D Project of Metallic Elements Utilization
Efficient recovery and use of useful metallic elements without imposing a load on the environment.
R&D Project of Research Platforms
Establishment of research infrastructure for the discovery and utilization of sustainable resources.