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RIKEN Research - Perspectives

July 25, 2014

Cultivating a renewable future

Based on an interview with Dr. Shinozaki, Director of CSRS, RIKEN Research Online has published a RIKEN Perspectives overview of the background and activities of the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science. The "RIKEN Perspectives" article series aims to convey to a wide, international audience RIKEN's expertise on the current state of a specific field, the developments and challenges in the field, RIKEN's contributions to the field and to society, and directions for the future.

RIKEN Research - Perspectives: Cultivating a renewable future
Kazuo Shinozaki, Director
RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science

"As humanity’s material needs continue to grow, developing smarter strategies for making efficient use of available resources is becoming ever more critical. Scientists at RIKEN are drawing on lessons from natural and artificial systems to maximize agricultural productivity, remove harmful pollutants from the environment and create new ‘green’ materials and manufacturing processes."

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