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CSRS researchers have been selected for Highly Cited Researchers 2016

January 16, 2017

In the Plant & Animal Science’ field, following CSRS researchers have been selected to the list of Highly Cited Researchers 2016 published by Thomson Reuters which identifies the most influential researchers in 21 scientific fields and is including over 3200 researchers in each field. In the Plant & Animal Science’ field includes 208 researchers.

     Kazuo Shinozaki (Director, CSRS)
     Kazuki Saito (Deputy Director, CSRS)
     Yuji Kamiya (Coordinator, CSRS)
     Hitoshi Sakakibara (Group Director, Plant Productivity Systems Research Group)
     Ken Shirasu (Group Director, Plant Immunity Research Group)
     Motoaki Seki (Team Leader, Plant Genomic Network Research Team)
     Lam-Son Phan Tran (Unit Leader, Signaling Pathway Research Unit)
     Miki Fujita (Research Scientist, Gene Discovery Research Group)
     Mikiko Kojima (Technical Scientist, Mass Spectrometry and Microscopy Unit)