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Press releases of the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science

2020/09/03 Parasitic plants attack crops when defending themselves from microbes
2020/08/20 Visualizing uptake pathways of cells
2020/08/7 Discovery of genes that function when parasitic plants infect host plants
2020/08/7 The mechanism that enables plant grafting is revealed
2020/08/05 The mechanism of tuberous root formation revealed in cassava
2020/07/16 Discovery of the mechanism that triggers stem elongation
2020/07/13 The two major degradation systems work independently to support the growth strategy of plants
2020/07/08 Spider silk made by photosynthetic bacteria
2020/06/29 Mitsui Knowledge Industry begins to supply AQXeNA, accelerating the development of nucleic acid based-drugs
2020/06/26 Nondestructive measurement of compositions, physical properties, and positions of components in individual organisms
2020/06/26 A hydrogenation catalyst that can be reused 150 times
2020/06/19 Advancing lipidomics: researchers establish atlas of lipids in living organisms
2020/06/09 Using multiomics in an agricultural field, scientists discover that organic nitrogen plays a key role in plant growth
2020/05/26 Discovery of a new compound that increases salt tolerance in plants
2020/05/18 Does evolution increase pigment protein?
2020/05/06 How to find “traffic jams” in the ribosome
2020/04/23 Development of metabolome analysis method targeting alkaloids
2020/04/22 Discovery of the switch that determines the “job choice” of cells
2020/04/03 A friendlier way to deal with nitrate pollution
2020/03/16 Changes in protein translation induced by light
2020/03/20 Mechanism that regulates elongation growth of leaves is revealed
2020/03/10 Crystalline states of spider silk changes with humidity and strain rates
2020/03/02 Discovery of key genes involved in the symbiosis of legumes and rhizobia
2020/02/28 A shadow commander for flavonoid biosynthesis
2020/02/17 A key enzyme for nitrogen assimilation is found to be essential for chloroplast development in roots
2020/02/14 Iron corrosion bacteria accelerate corrosion via black rust
2020/01/30 Mechanism of zinc deficiency resistance inherent to plants is partially revealed
2020/01/28 A new 2nd-gen catalyst for biodiesel fuel synthesis
2020/01/15 New study on a recently discovered chlorophyll molecule could be key to better solar cells
2020/01/15 New technology to allow microorganisms to use sugars for different purposes improves raw material productivity for polymers
2019/12/17 A high-activity, high-durability fixed catalyst for esterification
2019/12/10 Genes for the convergent evolution of leaf morphology discovered
2019/12/06 A comprehensive analysis method for target proteins that bind compounds
2019/11/28 Whole irradiated plant leaves showed faster photosynthetic induction than individually irradiated leaves via improved stomatal opening
2019/11/22 Whole plant rebirth after wounding
2019/11/22 Recrutement of a lateral root developmental pathway into root nodule formation of legumes
2019/11/04 A new molecular mechanism underlying plant cell reprogramming
2019/10/23 Peptide-based plastid modification for rapid engineering of targeted DNA
2019/10/18 Scientists recalculate the optimum binding energy for heterogeneous catalysis
2019/10/18 Elucidation of the gene expression regulation mechanism in Chinese cabbage
2019/10/17 Acrylic resin from lignin derivatives
2019/10/11 The gene that helps moss clone itself
2019/09/13 Data-driven molecular design in catalytic reactions
2019/09/13 Full genome of the parasitic weed Striga deciphered
2019/08/01 A Scientific Approach to Recreate Metabolic Evolution in Plants
2019/07/31 How ions affect spider silk spinning
2019/07/30 Structural basis for a PSII-FCPII supercomplex that appears brown
2019/06/28 Clarifying the mechanism that controls flowering in Napa cabbage
2019/06/17 A highly efficient genome-editing method for Euglena
2019/06/04 Partial elucidation of the thermogenesis mechanism in cycad cones
2019/04/25 A simple, efficient way to introduce large plasmid DNA into cells using functional peptides
2019/04/17 A major clue to preventing mitochondrial genomic instability
2019/03/29 What’s in this plant? The best automated system for finding potential drugs
2019/03/26 Successful genome editing in plant zygotes
2019/03/19 Long-term water electrolysis using a manganese catalyst
2019/03/11 Making silk into an adhesive
2019/03/11 Identification of onion flavonoid production factors and affiliated chromosomes
2019/02/09 A new drought-resistant and water-saving wheat plante
2019/02/07 Scientists discover new type of self-healing material
2019/01/30 Characterization of sulfur-compound metabolism underlying wax-ester fermentation in Euglena
2019/01/29 A new mechanism that promotes cell wall formation
2019/01/28 Activation of secondary metabolism in fungi
2019/01/22 Plant structural vulnerability is important for peptide-based gene delivery
2019/01/16 Clarifying the mechanism of vacuole formation in root-tip cells
2018/12/05 Clever phytopathogenic mechanisms for evading recognition
2018/11/28 Scientists develop system to rapidly and accurately detect tumor margins during breast cancer surgery
2018/11/22 A new drug to control plant branching
2018/11/06 Gene regulator that allows plant rehydration after drought
2018/10/19 Novel bioactive compounds from a mushroom
2018/10/04 A gene-stacking approach to overcome the trade-off between drought stress tolerance and growth in Arabidopsis
2018/10/02 Elucidating the specific steric structure of the plant hormone master transcription factor BIL1/BZR1
2018/09/18 A revolutionary plant immunity enhancer that prevents pathogenic infection
2018/09/13 A new enzyme responsible for making two cotyledons
2018/09/12 Using AI to achieve the most highly accurate NMR chemical shift predictions
2018/08/08 A difunctionalization-type perfluoroalkylation reaction for styrenes
2018/08/07 Discovery of biosynthetic gene for a medicinal component of ashwagandha
2018/07/26 Yokohama Rubber Develops World's First Technology for Producing Isoprene from Biomass
2018/07/20 Library screening for peptides that can penetrate a variety of plants
2018/07/13 Rice plants evolve to adapt to flooding
2018/07/13 Full-scale monitoring of plants
2018/07/06 Summer fun: how plants beat the heat
2018/07/05 Enzymes that selectively form enantiomers
2018/06/27 Indoor farmed lettuce tastes less bitter and more savory than soil-farmed lettuce
2018/06/19 Blue gene regulation helps plants respond properly to light
2018/05/29 Scientists discover key mechanism behind the formation of spider silk
2018/05/25 Structure-activity relationship of insecticidal okaramine
2018/05/21 Lettuce can modulate its metabolism according to light intensity and quality
2018/05/17 A new endogenous substance that induces asexual reproduction in phytopathogenic and toxin-producing fungi
2018/05/17 A plant peptide that enhances salt tolerance
2018/05/15 Catalyst design from genetic information
2018/05/02 Initiating of “environmental prediction science” for marine microbial ecology
2018/04/05 Newly discovered hormone helps keep plants from dehydrating
2018/03/29 An artificial denitrification catalyst that works in a mild environment
2018/03/14 A stress response mechanism from ancestral species in allopolyploid plants
2018/02/26 Improving strength of silks by adding a peptide
2018/02/22 Ecoinformatics of systemic homeostasis wild fish, environmental water and bottom mud
2018/02/22 Identification of new factors in the stable accumulation of the PSII complexes
2018/02/22 A novel molecular tool for photoaffinity labeling
2018/02/17 Enzyme confirmed to extract electrons, causing iron corrosion
2018/02/15 Toward improvement of tissue culture technique: depicting a global picture of gene regulatory network for plant regeneration
2018/02/14 How plants halt growth of their root hairs
2018/02/06 The stress response mechanism supporting plant root elongation
2018/01/24 Determination of important metabolites based on deep learning
2018/01/22 A new Para rubber tree research database
2018/01/17 Clean and green: a moss that removes lead (Pb) from water
2018/01/04 Karrikin, a component from smoke, promotes plant resistance to drought
2017/12/12 Botryococcene production from actinomycetes
2017/12/06 A mechanism that restores adhesion in cancer cells
2017/11/30 Easy removal of nitrogen from pyridine
2017/11/28 Discovering unexplored metabolomes with novel metabolomics techniques
2017/11/20 Understanding the mechanisms controlling appropriate xylem formation according to light conditions: Several genes share roles, control seedling growth
2017/11/09 Synthesis of various N-heterocycles with perfluoroalkyl groups for creating a perfluoroalkyl compound library
2017/11/07 Histone deacetylases linked to plant salt tolerance identified
2017/10/27 A new cell death regulatory factor for plants during pathogen infections
2017/10/27 Using E. coli to synthesize maleic acid
2017/10/23 A novel gibberellin response regulatory mechanism via tyrosine phosphorylation
2017/10/20 Salicylic acid-dependent immunity contributes to plant sheath blight resistance
2017/10/20 Certain oral bacteria activate an immunological response when ectopically colonizing the gut
2017/10/06 The production control mechanisms of a mycotoxin
2017/09/27 A simple method for estimating biosynthetic genes for secondary metabolites
2017/09/20 Elucidation of paternal genome reprogramming in mammalian zygotes
2017/09/19 Understanding how transcription factor DREB2A gives plants drought and heat tolerance
2017/09/15 A novel blood glucose–lowering compound
2017/08/24 Hints for efficient feeding methods for the leopard coral grouper
2017/08/18 Controlling the longevity of seeds
2017/08/11 A novel gene that increases cellulose synthesis
2017/08/01 Discovery of a novel abiotic stress adaptation mechanism in plants
2017/07/25 A discovery of new role of cytokinin transport fine-tuning plant growth
2017/07/25 Scientists Enlist Baker’s Yeast to Find New Medicines
2017/07/22 Success in synthesizing functional polyolefins in a controllable way
2017/07/18 A protein that helps plant cell elongation
2017/07/03 Ethanol enhances plant high-salinity stress tolerance
2017/06/27 Vinegar: a cheap and simple way to help plants fight drought
2017/06/14 A novel regulatory mechanism for serine biosynthesis
2017/05/29 Shedding light on how plants choose water or protecting themselves against pathogens
2017/05/23 Efficient identification of compound target molecules
2017/05/17 A novel bacterial infection mechanism in plants
2017/05/02 Parasitic plants employ plant hormones to “fatten” their hosts
2017/04/28 Deep-sea Hydrothermal Systems are “Natural Power Plants”
2017/04/18 Real-time visualization of plant epigenetic dynamics
2017/04/06 Visualizing the electronic structure of a nickel complex catalyst
2017/04/04 Enhanced drought tolerance in rice confirmed
2017/03/27 Two distinct response mechanisms for low-temperature stress in plant
2017/03/06 A new metabolome analysis approach for nitrogen (N)-containing metabolites
2017/03/03 Manganese oxide nanoparticles exhibit new catalytic pathway
2017/02/24 Loss of shoots, then roots start photosynthesis?
2017/02/23 Amino acid derivative helps promote phytoaccumulation of cesium
2017/02/02 A gene expression analysis of high latex-yielding and disease-resistant natural rubber cultivars
2017/01/19 A chemical method for synthesizing spider-silk-like material
2017/01/17 Discovery of wound-induced shoot regeneration pathway
2017/01/17 Discovery of a new carboxylase
2017/01/11 A new growth promotion mechanism in times of water deficit
2016/12/26 Easy Metabolic Simulations with PASMet
2016/12/21 Bioproduction of succinate using Euglena gracilis from carbon dioxide
2016/12/14 Blue light–specific elongation compound in plants identified
2016/11/25 Repelling plant pathogens through starvation
2016/11/17 An optimal promoter is activated at high temperatures
2016/11/04 Scientists decode the genome of Chinese licorice
2016/11/02 SWEET proteins transport the plant hormone gibberellin
2016/10/21 Scientists show how plants turn a “light switch” on and off
2016/10/11 Modifying the cellular wall of plants
2016/10/03 Opposing roles for SNAP23 in secretion in exocrine and endocrine pancreatic cells
2016/10/01 Stille coupling with C-N bond cleavage
2016/09/26 Discovery of Streptomyces secondary metabolite pathway mediated by amino-group carrier proteins
2016/09/26 A new sesquiterpene biosynthesis gene
2016/09/13 Direct conversion of dinitrogen to nitriles
2016/09/12 Discovery of new epigenetic modification by sugar linked to evolution of placental animals
2016/09/01 Bioplastics with high biocompatibility
2016/08/23 New flavonoids protect plants from damaging UV rays
2016/08/18 Marine photosynthetic purple bacteria produce high molecular weight bioplastics
2016/07/26 Non-poisonous potatoes
2016/07/21 Launch of the MirrorCLEM System for Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy
2016/07/20 Success increasing production of bioplastic raw materials by hydrogen synthesis gene modification
2016/07/07 Elucidation of a part of the intrusion organ generation mechanism of parasitic plant
2016/06/24 Plant alkaloid productivity from convergent evolution of metabolizing enzymes
2016/06/24 Where do rubber trees get their rubber?
2016/06/17 Torrefied biomass improves poor soil
2016/06/09 Amino acid sequences are key to the properties of silks
2016/06/02 A Practical Method for Perfluoroalkyl Compound Synthesis
2016/05/27 Genome editing technology to improve plant environmental response
2016/05/20 A new method for synthesis of functional polymers
2016/05/18 Esterification catalyst with no need for byproduct processing
2016/04/13 A new synthesis method for lithium borate compounds
2016/04/12 Structural analysis of metabolites in complex mixtures without column purification
2016/03/15 New method for the synthesis of organosilicon compounds
2016/03/07 A new medicinal target for meningococcal disease
2016/02/26 Novel oxylipins modulate amino acid uptake in fission yeast
2016/02/04 A new method for increasing heat stress tolerance in rice plants
2016/01/18 Potential role of the formation of tunneling nanotubes in HIV-1 spread in macrophages

Initial plant response mechanism to high temperatures elucidated

2015/12/24 Chemical compound improves resistance to salinity stress
2015/11/27 A gene that prevents leaf senescence under prolonged drought conditions
2015/11/13 A new mechanism in chloroplast-controlled plant growth
2015/11/12 Elucidation of key enzymes involved in the formation of atypical polyketide extender unit
2015/11/10 Deepening understanding of the brakes on cell division
2015/11/04 New method for data mining of metabolic biomarker
2015/10/30 Novel abscisic acid antagonists identified
2015/10/27 Secrets of a rice-killing fungal toxin
2015/09/25 A bacteria's double life: living off both iron and electricity
2015/08/06 Further understanding of salt stress tolerance mechanisms in wheat
2015/08/05 Core gene for the medicinal properties of garlic discovered
2015/07/31 New strigolactone receptor advances knowledge of how germination is induced in parasitic plants
2015/07/15 Clarification of similarities and differences in accumulated metabolites for Brachypodium distachyon and wheat
2015/07/06 Symbiotic bacteria on the surface of protists in the termite gut contribute to lignocellulose breakdown
2015/06/30 Discovery of a mechanism that represses plant totipotency
2015/06/25 A common auxin that does not respond to gravity’s pull in land plants
2015/06/18 Elucidation of chemical ingredients in rice straw
2015/05/26 Newfound sulfur-containing metabolite inhibits enzyme that raises blood pressure
2015/05/25 Theonellamides, natural products from marine sponges, bind to membrane cholesterol and disturb cell membrane order
2015/05/15 Profiling of plankton whole-cells using multidimensional solid-state NMR
2015/05/05 New analysis program comprehensively captures small metabolites
2015/04/28 New enzyme gene required for the formation of specific configurations of microbial secondary metabolites
2015/04/08 Seawater successfully used for freshwater cyanobacteria cultivation
2015/04/01 Morokoshi sorghum database upgraded
2015/03/10 Toward a plant-derived fungicide
2015/03/05 Protecting crops from radiation-contaminated soil
2015/02/13 Plant fertility - how hormones get around
2015/02/07 Revealing the workings of a master switch for plant growth
2015/01/15 Paving a road toward mitochondrial plant cell factories
2015/01/15 A new method of detecting organelles on TEM images for better labor and cost efficiency
2015/01/09 New method to improve the molecular structure of cell wall lignin
2015/01/05 How vitamin C helps plants beat the sun
2014/11/25 Hik8 histidine kinase protein altered amino acid production in cyanobacteria
2014/11/20 Time lags identified between gene and protein expression for overwintering plants
2014/10/28 Genome-wide association study on all metabolites from 175 Japanese rice cultivars
2014/09/19 For legume plants, a new route from shoot to root
2014/09/13 Cutting cholesterol to make a safer potato
2014/08/28 Breaking benzene
2014/08/15 Control mechanism for plant root size-control elucidated
2014/07/10 Growth stimulation and metabolic alteration of cyanobacteria using transcription factor NtcA
2014/07/09 New metabolic pathway in termite hindgut supported with symbiotic bacteria
2014/06/30 Insights from nature for more efficient water splitting
2014/06/16 World-first intracellular visualization of absorbed cesium distribution in plants
2014/05/29 Genome analysis reveals how algae evolved into land plants
2014/05/15 Integrated evaluation and visualization of estuary sediment environmental analysis data
2014/04/29 Key gene for cytokinin translocation identified
2014/03/29 Lignin-derived microbial production of bioplastics
2014/03/24 Aacquisition of a programmed cell death system was the key to plants coming ashore!
2014/03/13 Missing link in plant immunity identified
2014/02/17 Threefold increase in cyanobacteria bioplastic production
2014/01/27 A new approach to countering plant environmental stresses
2014/01/23 Bioplastic productivity levels via photosynthesis among the world’s highest
2014/01/16 High accumulation of flavonoids increases resistance to oxidative and drought stress
2014/01/14 Integrated Analytical Technology for Complex Systems of Organic and Inorganic Mixtures in Seaweed
2013/11/26 The Importance of Plant Hormone Cytokinin “QUALITY” Revealed
2013/11/19 Potential Path to an Easy-to-Grow Dream Tomato
2013/11/15 Palladium-nanoparticle catalyst with quantitative production developed
2013/10/10 An overhaul of the gene structure for Brachypodium distachyon in more than 9,000 locations
2013/10/09 A new plant disease control mechanism
2013/09/20 A structural evaluation method for lignocellulose using a multidimensional NMR method
2013/09/12 Comprehensive sequence analysis identifies DNA polymorphisms among cassava varieties
2013/09/11 Cyanobacteria hydrogen production more than double
2013/09/03 Successful fuel-cell power generation from seabed hydrothermal vents
2013/08/26 Three New Transcription Factors That Regulate Stress Response in Plants
2013/08/05 Elucidation of a mitochondrial gene regulation mechanism unique to plants
2013/07/31 Clarifying the drought tolerance mechanism by which plants evolved onto land
2013/07/31 Functions that MUNC13-like Protein Plays in Plants
2013/07/08 Comprehensive Analysis of the Metabolism of Nitrogen-deficient Cyanobacteria that Resolves a Metabolic Contradiction
2013/06/28 Splitting and Hydrogenating Molecular Nitrogen at Ambient Temperature and Pressure
2013/06/27 New iron catalyst promises green future for hydrogenation
2013/06/21 Plant DNA Designing Web Application: PromoterCAD
2013/06/20 Returning to Soil: Building a Method for Degradation and Metabolism Evaluation of Biomass
2013/06/15 Regulation of mRNA Metabolism Is Essential for Plant Development and Regeneration
2013/04/19 Uncovering a signaling mechanism behind coordinated proliferation of leaf cells
2013/04/10 Synthesis of very-long-chain fatty acids in the epidermis controls plant organ growth by restricting cell proliferation
2013/04/09 SnRK2 Kinases in Plant Stress Signaling
2013/04/01 Statement on the start of RIKEN's third 5-year term