Potential Path to an Easy-to-Grow Dream Tomato

November 19, 2013

Discovery of a New Parthenocarpic Tomato Mutant and Its Gene

Researchers from the University of Tsukuba Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, Kagome Co., Ltd. and RIKEN CSRS collaborated to discover a new Parthenocarpic tomato breeding stock with vigorous growth and successfully elucidated the causative gene.

The breeding stock came from the large-scale mutant library of Micro-Tom tomato cultivars held by the University of Tsukuba’s Gene Research Center. It is expected that use of this new breeding stock will lead to a revolutionary new type of Parthenocarpic tomato without bad traits that is also easy to grow.

Kagome Co., Ltd. is currently working to develop this breeding stock, while RIKEN CSRS is carrying out a detailed component analysis. The University of Tsukuba is identifying causative genes among other Parthenocarpic tomato mutants in search of other new breeding stock in the hopes of finding several additional mutants. The university is also planning to expand its efforts to other fruiting vegetables and fruits.


Miyako Kusano
Senior Research Scientist
Metabolomics Research Group