The RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS) has been founded in April 2013. The challenge of the CSRS is to achieve a resource and energy sustainable society through the fusion of different fields, such as biology, chemistry and chemical biology. To this end, we have established four key projects: “Carbon,” “Nitrogen,” “Metallic Elements” and “Research Platforms.”

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Interdisciplinary R&D Projects

R&D Project of Carbon Utilization
Creation of useful materials from carbon and oxygen in the atmosphere.
R&D Project of Nitrogen Utilization
Synthesis of ammonia as an energy-saving method and increased crop production with low fertilizer and other resources.
R&D Project of Metallic Elements Utilization
Efficient recovery and use of useful metallic elements without imposing a load on the environment.
R&D Project of Research Platforms
Establishment of research infrastructure for the discovery and utilization of sustainable resources.