Promotion of Diversity

At the RIKEN CSRS, researchers from different fields collaborate to conduct interdisciplinary research. Promoting diversity is essential for advancing cutting-edge research, and CSRS aims to create a fair work environment regardless of gender, nationality, race, or religion.

ダイバーシティのイラストResearch cannot be done only by researchers. A diverse group of people are involved in research activities in different ways, from research support staff and to administrative staff who support the research environment. To know more about the daily life at CSRS, a series of videos titled “About the CSRS people” introduce various staff working for CSRS.
For details, please check the “Unsung Heroes in RIKEN CSRS” page.


Providing opportunities to women and other underrepresented groups at CSRS

CSRS is taking the initiative in developing a work environment and other activities for the empowerment of women and other underrepresented groups at CSRS.
  • Use virtual tools to develop a human network for female researchers where they are not impeded by time or geographic distance.
  • Hold seminars inviting female principal investigators as guest speakers to give more visibility to successful female researchers, and also provide opportunities for female staff to find role models that can help guide their career development. 
  • Consider the ratio of female staff members among the presenters at a symposium or seminar.
  • Create videos introducing a day-in-the-life of research support staff member.


International diversity at CSRS

CSRS is taking the initiative in providing a safe and secure work environment to non-Japanese staff so that they can pursue the same research objectives as other members.
  • Hold events in English such as research report meetings and other meetings at CSRS.
  • Consider the ratio of the non-Japanese staff among the presenters at a symposium or seminar.
  • Support non-Japanese staff and their family members in getting accustomed to life in Japan.


Initiatives in the gender equity program and diversity promotion at RIKEN

RIKEN has various programs to maintain a good life-work balance including support programs for childcare or nursing care, support programs for foreign staff, training programs to hone up skills or capabilities necessary to conduct tasks.