Molecular Structure Characterization Unit

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Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering / Agricultural Sciences / Medicine, Dentistry & Pharmacy
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Instrumental analysis / NMR / Structural elucidation / Mass spectrometry / Chemical biology
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Advanced Research and Technology Platforms

Developing technologies and platforms for structure characterization by NMR and MS analyses

Unit Leader

Hiroyuki Koshino D.Agr.

Hiroyuki Koshino

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D.Agr., Hokkaido University
Special Postdoctoral Researcher, Antibiotics Laboratory, RIKEN
Research Scientist, Molecular Characterization Division, RIKEN
Head, Molecular Characterization Division, RIKEN
Team Leader, Molecular Characterization Team, ADSC, RIKEN
Team Head, Molecular Characterization Team, ATSD, RIKEN
Team Head, Molecular Characterization Team, CBCF, ASI, RIKEN
Vice Chief Scientist, Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratory, RIKEN
Unit Leader, Molecular Structure Characterization Unit, Technology Platform Division, RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (-current)


RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science
Technology Platform Division, Molecular Structure Characterization Unit


2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198 Japan

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Molecular Structure Characterization Unit
We develop new methods and technologies of NMR and MS analyses for structural elucidation and characterization of novel organic compounds that are found or synthesized in chemistry and related scientific fields such as chemical biology, metabolomics research, and several organic synthetic studies. We provide diverse research support activity for characterization of organic molecules through maintenance and operation of MS, NMR, and CD facilities for all RIKEN researchers. Our research supporting activities include training on open access machines, technical assistance, data acquisition, and spectral data analysis and interpretation. We collaborate with many research groups, and continue to improve our capability and methodology for organic molecular characterization and structural determination by spectroscopic analysis together with organic synthesis.


  1. Development of new methods and technologies for NMR and MS analyses
  2. Organic molecular characterization and structural determination by spectroscopic analysis and organic synthesis
  3. Research supporting activity and collaborative research with NMR, mass spectrometry, other spectroscopic methods and quantum chemical calculations
  4. Synthesis of bioactive natural products in aid of the structural and biological activity studies
NMR and Mass spectrometers for research collaboration andsupporting activities
Structural determination and revision of some natural products