Technology Platform Division

Division Director

Minoru Yoshida

D. Agr.

Minoru Yoshida



Technology Platform Division,
RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science

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This division consists of 4 units.
1) We develop new methods and technologies for structural determination of organic compounds by NMR and mass spectrometry analyses together with organic synthesis. We provide diverse research support activity and collaborate with many research groups on molecular characterization.
2) We develop characterization methods of biomolecules such as protein and nucleic acid including post-translational and post-transcriptional modifications. By applying the methods, we have elucidated the molecular mechanism of biological phenomena.
3) We develop and execute the analyses based on mass spectrometry for the study of plant metabolome and hormonome and on microscopy for the ultrastructural observation of the plant cells.
4) We promote research supports in chemical biology and resource science by provision of chemical compounds, their information and structure-activity relationship analysis, moreover enrich the chemical library.

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